Interior Design Consultation

Consultation varies based on job specifics but includes some or all of the below:

Colour selections:

Paint is the quickest and simplest application that will give any room an instant transformation.  We can help you choose the perfect colour scheme for any room to give it an instant facelift.

Furniture selection:

Picking the right furniture for a particular room can sometimes be a challenge.   The form, function and scale play a huge role in the overall feeling of any space.  We can perfect your furniture in any space by making minor modifications to existing furniture or selecting new pieces.


Window covering to area rugs to throw pillows; these are the pieces that give a room warmth and texture.  We can help customize your textiles to suit your functions and design style.


Complete your home with fresh and new finishes.  Flooring, wall and millwork finishes set the backdrop for your style.  We can bring any space to life with new and innovative finishes and installation techniques.


It’s the little things that make big impact.  Accessorize to suit your style and create the mood you are after.  We can help find unique accessories, or create new life in the pieces you already have.

Space Planning:

A functional layout of furnishings, equipment and accessories effect the way you live in any space.  With our tools and expertise, we can create a space that meets your needs.