Why and When to hire an Interior Designer

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the term “Interior Design/er”.  I want to dedicate this blog to explaining what services Interior Designers can offer to their clients and when it is appropriate to hire an Interior Designer vs. an Interior Decorator.

Interior Designer

Interior Designers are trained to design safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions to interior spaces.  They are able to see a design through the initial floor plan right through to the decorative accents.  Designers not only design spaces, they analyze your requirements, budget and schedule.  They can conceptualize the design and manage the implementation of the entire project.  Interior Designers also ensure that the space complies with all relevant regulations and codes such as Ontario Building Codes and Fire Codes.  This is especially important with commercial design as occupancy, egress and accessibility play a major role in the layout of the space.

Often designers will work hand in hand with Engineers to renovate an existing building or with Engineers and Architects to complete a new build.

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Interior Decorator

Interior Decorators focus on selection of colour, finishes/materials and furnishings.  They can also help with furniture layouts and space plans.  Decorators are able to come into a room and make it look great by helping the client decide on style, colour scheme, furniture and accessories.

Decorators are typically used in residential settings and are great at updating spaces.

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I usually explain to potential clients that Designers can do the same for you as an architect within the existing exterior walls of the building.  If your project requires moving walls, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, windows and doors, an Interior Designer is the right choice for you.  If you are doing an addition onto an existing building or a new building from the ground up, you will likely need to hire an architect.  If you are looking to improve layout and update your style and décor either a designer or a decorator would be a good choice.

Interior Designers are here to protect the client and ensure that the renovation runs smoothly and the results are not only what they expected but exceeded!  We can also educate our clients on how the design can function better by choosing the right layouts, finishes and furniture for the space.

Clients should also know that anyone can afford to hire a designer.  Hiring an Interior Designer will save you time and money!  We can help in choosing appropriate economical finishes.  We have tricks that can make any space look great on any budget.  A huge expense to any renovation is permits and construction drawings.  Designers can do these drawings usually at a lower cost than WE an architect.

So, whether you are planning on completely renovating your home, or just updating your décor, an Interior Designer is the right choice for you.  I hope that helps to clear things up a bit!


Just wanted to start off by introducing myself and talk about my goals and where I see my new interior design business Interior Creations going.  I am very excited for the launch of Interior Creations and can’t wait to meet new clients and help them achieve their vision for their space whether it be their home or office.

I am a Registered Interior Designer and a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers (ARIDO) WE and Interior Designers of Canada (IDC).  I have been active in the Interior Design Industry in the Ottawa area for 8 years focusing on commercial and government office interior design consulting.  In the past 8 years I have gained experience in many areas including project and facility management, move coordination, accessibility/barrier-free design, way-finding and security.  I have learned to design any space I am faced with to be a safe, functional and stylish while meeting all relevant codes and standards.   While working as a consultant I also enjoyed designing homes for myself, friends and family.  Here I got to pull out my more creative side and focus more on creating beautiful home interiors.  My residential experience ranges from kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, to fully finishing basements and complete home makeovers.

My vision for Interior Creations is to focus on private commercial office interiors and home renovations.  I want to provide my services to people just like my family and friends in the most economical way possible.  I believe that any space can look great with the expensive, finer things in life, but this isn’t always an option.  Especially in this day and age.  I want Interior Creations to be a go to business for everyone.  I will offer advice for DIY ideas and giving old spaces new life on any budget.  I will be offering interior design services to Kanata/Stittsville, Ottawa and the surrounding areas; Carp, Manotick, Carleton Place etc.

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Watch for my next blog “Why hire an Interior Designer.”